le lombard bar - the project

le lombard bar - projet - restau'ccasionnel - jura - le longbarbare

articulated around a millennial beverage, this project is a set of boxes, bringing together childhood hopes and adult dreams.

i really wish to welcome you soon in "Le Lombard Bar", a brew-pub "d'art et d'essai"... so, in advance, big thanks to all of those who will have the opportunity to give me a little help !)

la brasserie

le lombard bar - brasserie d'art et d'essai - bière - le long barbare - jura

"Le Lombard Bar", it is above all a brewery.

a place scented by cooking noble raw materials, grain malts and hops. the place where quality craft beers are made, powerful and tasty.

the beer will be produced by 100-liter batches, with the aim of offering special cuvées in addition to the permanent range ...

la boutique

jura - boutique du terroire - kreine des tartes - ail de sours - sirops et confitures - miel

some shelves will be reserved for the sale of artisan products of "la bresse jurassienne".

the full range of syrups and jams of "k-reine des tartes", will be included in a good place.

but you will also find honey, snails prepared, carp terrines, or poultry.
this offer will expand gradually ...

le bar

jura - restaurant - snack - lombard - le lombard bar - le long barbare - llb

the place of tasting par excellence, to discover the beers of "Le Long Barbare", but also those of other craft brewers, from here and elsewhere ...

enough to satisfy all tastes!)

for those who wish, the tasting can be accompanied by a homemade snack.

but lovers of teas, coffees, juices made with fresh fruits and vegetables, or soups (...) will also find their happiness.


photographie - expo photo - le lombard bar - le lon barbare - jura - llb pics

some music in the background, depending on the mood of the barbarian, or of the costumer's one !)

a hushed atmosphere to exhibit some works of painters or photographers ...

and the dream of being able from time to time, to propose the projection of a classic of the 7th art, to gather all the generations of the surrounding villages in front of a screen.

le restau' ccasionnel

jura - restaurant - snack - lombard - le lombard bar - le long barbare - llb

a saturday night from time to time.

take the time to find all together in a privileged atmosphere, to combine food and beers.

just a few tables, a unique menu for an evening with a chosen theme, and a seasonal cuisine, multicultural and familial.

and if you feel like it, you can also organize your business meetings around a breakfast or a snack ...

des livres et vous

le lombard bar - jura - bibliothèque libre - llb pics - le long barbare

a free library where novels and magazines are exchanged, but also a small cozy corner to consult beautiful books ...

... or pick up your knit knit where you forgot it.

and board games at your disposal to spend a little more time in "Le Lombard Bar".




délivrez-vous !)

le lombard bar - le long barbare - financement participatif - ulule

details about the financial needs ...

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